Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dungeon gear and zoning for your mage or warlock

     A note on stats: at these low levels, you will want to stack int and stam. There are other stats, but you don't need to worry about them right now. You will be upgrading gear so fast fast things like crit and haste can't hold to their caps, so don't worry about them. Don't get gear with spirit on it, spirit is bad, mages and warlocks don't have any use for it.

Here is the gear you can get from dungeons:

  • dungeon gear
  • zoning
    • profession mats 5-20
      • mining
        • generally you will find copper and tin when you farm. Don't smelt what mats you find, but sell them on the auction house(AH).
      • skinning
        • light leather, ruined leather scraps, medium leather, deviate scale, and perfect deviate scale. Sell on AH.
      • tailoring
        • coarse thread, linen cloth, bolt of linen cloth, wool cloth, fine thread, spider's silk. Use this to make cloth armor.
      • enchanting
        • copper rod, runed copper rod, lesser magic essence, strange dust, greater magic essence, small glimmering shard, lesser astral essence, runed silver rod, enchanted powder, silver rod. Enchants don't sell very well on the AH so don't worry about this.
    • quest progression 1-20

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