Saturday, May 14, 2011

Professions and addon's for your mage or warlock

     Here are the professions and addon's your mage or warlock should use. To get addons just go to, download their client, and pick the addons you want. It will install them automatically.

  • professions
    • mining and skinning
      • if you don't have a farmer alt, you should level up with one. I think mining and skinning are the best gathering professions for leveling players. Don't go with herbalism because the only way to level it up is to farm. at least you can smelt with mining, and you will be skinning all the mobs you kill. Because of this it's a major chore that will prevent you from doing more important things, like leveling up. farming is easier at high levels because you will have a flying mount. 
    • tailoring and enchanting
      • if you do have a farmer alt, take tailoring and enchanting instead. These are good professions to have at high levels and will keep your gear up to date as you are leveling.
  • addon's
    • action bar addon
      • bartender or dominoes, take your pick. Having a action bar addon makes it easer to organize your user interface(ui). I'm partial to dominoes, but some people like bartender too.
    • quest helper addon
      • quest helper or tour guide. Tour guide is better for power leveling, and quest helper is better for more causal people.
    • threat meter addon
      • omen, pure and simple. You should have this to track your threat in dungeons.
    • gear stat comparison addon
      • ratingsbuster. Makes it easer to compare stats on gear.

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