Friday, May 13, 2011

So you want to be a warlock

So you want to be a warlock, why do you want to be a warlock? Maybe you see us pwn in battlegounds or arena. Maybe you just like outlasting an opponent. Maybe you just want to try something different. Whatever your reasons, you have come to me to provide you with information on how to get to max level in a timely fashion. But first, lets review what race you should pick to maximize your effectiveness at completing highend content. I will inform you what race is best for pvp and pve for both alliance and horde.
  • Human
      • description: easily the best race for pvp in the alliance due to every man for himself, which effectively replaces the pvp trinket. Diplomacy make it so that you dont have to grind reputation as much, so thats a benefit. All other traits are useless for warlocks.
      • Notes: the human spirit is very good for priests, which I will discuss later.
  • Gnomes
      • description: easily the best race for pve in the alliance due to expansive mind. expansive mind increases our intellect, which increases our spell power, which increases our dps(damage per second). The more dps you have, the better you will perform in heroics and raids. At low levels, this may not seem like much, but at high levels, 5% more intellect is a lot of intellect. Combined with nethermancy later on, that will be a total 10% more intellect. Escape artist is nice for pvp, but is not as powerful as every man for himself. arcane resistance and engineering specialization are also nice to have. warlocks don't need shortblade specialization.
      • Notes: nethermancy is a warlock passive buff they get at lvl 50

There is no single race for horde that is the best for pve, I don't know why, but thats just the way it is. Most have equally good pve abilities, but no ability is better than the other.
So, in conclusion, what race you pick is a mater of personal choice. Pick which race you want. It dose not really matter. I picked forsaken cause I think they are cool. warlock spell's 1-20

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