Saturday, May 14, 2011

Warlock spells 1-20

      These are the abilities you will obtain as you level. I will tell you how to use them for leveling and endgame content.

  • lvl 1
      • how to use: your basic nuke, use this in a rotation with immolate and corruption at low levels, at high levels, this will be your nuke for demonology and affliction.
      • how to use:your first demon, you should level with him until level 10. he is your dps demon unless you have felguard.
  • lvl 3
      • how to use: destruction's basic damage of time(dot) spell.
  • lv l4
      • how to use: affliction's basic dot spell.
  • lvl 5
      • how to use: your mana return spell, use this with soul harvest at later levels.
  • lvl 6
      • how to use: a channeled dot that returns health, use this as your finisher at low levels.
  • lvl 8
      • how to use: your first armor, you should have this up at all times.
      • how to use: your tanking pet. You should level with him.
  • lvl 9
  • lvl 10
      • how to use: gives you control of you demons.
      • how to use: a dot that restores your soulshards, use this as a finisher if you need to.
      • how to use: your cooldown ability, use it when you need to.
  • lvl 12
      • how to use: a dot, use this with corruption.
      • how to use: funnels your health into your demon, use this when your demon has low health.
      • how to use: restores your health, use this with life tap to restore your mana.
  • lvl 14
      • how to use: your basic crowd control. Use this when you have too many opponents. You should get the glyph for this.
  • lvl 16
  • lvl 18
      • how to use: a battle resurrection, use should keep this up at all times when leveling. Put this on the healer in dungeons.
      • how to use: your first area of effect(aoe) spell, use this when you have a lot of mobs to kill.

      A word on talents: demonology or destruction is the way to go. You may have heard that affliction was the best leveling spec, and that was true, but when cataclysm came out, affliction became much weaker. demonology gets the felguard, and destruction gets conflagrate, both of which are powerful abilities. Compared to them, unstable affliction is is very weak at low levels. Plus, you dont get assess to afflictions powerful regeneration talents until well past level 20. I like demonology because of the felguard. He makes an excellent leveling pet. He is hardy enough to tank, and he deals good damage, too. And having a tank means you dont have take much damage youself, which means less downtime. Here and here are what your demonology or destruction specs should look like at level 20.

Dungeon gear and zoning for your warlock

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